The Messy Middle, Intercultural Learning, and Internationalization

Our readings for March 23-30, 2022 to explore some concepts around internationalization in higher education and ways to cope being in the middle of an intercultural experience. 

The End of Internationalization – The attached article is from the journal International Higher Education and explores the idea of internationalization and what it should look like for campuses in a global age.  The questions on page 5 are useful to rethink how we should reframe this concept.

Brené Brown, the Messy Middle & Intercultural Learning – While this article explores ideas from the start of the pandemic, they still resonate in the current moment.  I like the “messy middle” concept as a way to talk about getting our students and ourselves to the point of true learning.  In this article the focus is on intercultural learning, but it could also be for any learning context. 

We look forward to hearing about your ideas for supporting your students through these chaotic times.  We hope to see you on Thursday morning for Dr. Koedermann’s presentation (March 24) or next Wednesday afternoon for Coffee Chat (March 30) if you can make it!







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