Faculty Share Published and In-Progress Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL)

On April 24, faculty from a range of disciplines gathered to talk about their experiences writing and publishing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). In general, SoTL shares research-based investigations of student learning in discipline-specific and interdisciplinary venues.

For this session, Jacqueline Bennett (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Barbara Durkin (Business), Katherine Griffes (Sport and Exercise Sciences), Sarah Portway (Human Ecology), Elissa Stoddard (Secondary Education and Educational Technology), and Trudy Thomas-Smith (Chemistry and Biochemistry) came together to talk about their published and in-progress SoTL articles, their findings and approaches, and the process of planning, implementing, and writing about teaching projects. Our group compared notes on how SoTL is valued in different ways across the disciplines, discussed the difficulty of gathering data from small classes, and contrasted SoTL with disciplinary writing.

To connect with support related to your prospective SoTL project, reach out to Racheal Fest in the Faculty Center for Teaching, Learning & Scholarship.






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